Process Efficiency and Innovation Tracker


Project Management





checkmark Full project management tool set: Initiate, Execute, Close for each project & Linking of sub-projects
checkmark Manages Action items by email participants of items due
checkmark Color coded for project “health”
checkmark Links to Pillars/ Strategic Imperatives
checkmark Search capability for similar projects
checkmark Tools for Lean Assistance (ie – Kaizen Checklists)

Developed by PPM’s

checkmark High level scorecard by fiscal year
checkmark Standard set of metrics by project
checkmark Roll up capability for each project and facility
checkmark Tracking of project count
checkmark Tools to assist in calculating metrics – ie) COW, Distance Calculator
checkmark Annual Evaluation tracking by employee of impact of driving change

checkmark Tracks lean trained
checkmark Tracks project by person trained by type of project
checkmark Illustrates who is driving change and who is not
checkmark Tracks by fiscal year
checkmark No limit for number of users in database